Sunday, June 14, 2009

nico the chef

Nico is a twenty-four year old boy from Naples, the older brother of Manu's best friend. But his face has fourteen written all over it. He cooks good food, with vegetables and everything. His English is much better than what I have found to be the usual level for an Italian. Sadly, he has left us now and has moved onto Cadiz.

The first time I properly spent some time with Nico, we got quite deep. No Mark, not with penises, with words. He told me how his ex-girlfriend changed his life, how she opened his eyes to the world. He told me how he wants to move to a less fortunate country and help out. It didn't take me long to realise that Nico was a good guy, and that I was a bit jealous of his ambition. It took Nico two days in Barcelona to find a job and I am on four months and counting.

One time we went to a house party. Having a good time. As usual the rumours quickly spread that the police were on the way to put a halt to the joy. At this point Nico was talking to an intoxicated Mexican hussy. Next thing I know we are all being hustled out of the flat. Nico is staying behind. Just days earlier Nico was saying how much he was craving some sexy times. I kind of expected him to stay there and do some damage. What I hadn't expected was for Marco to avert my attention to the balcony, when we were on the street below. In full view of anyone who cared to look up, was the Mexican girl leaning over the balcony, groaning, out of view was Nico pulling the strings. Got to love Nico.

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  1. i lost this great moment in barcelona,this memorable night...