Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 1 The Truth

I arrived in Barcelona on Valentine's Day, having missed my flight two days previously. Upon arriving at the hostel, I dumped my stuff and went out to explore. I walked through down to the ocean and then up through Raval.
When I got back, I met my room mates, 4 girls from Chicago. We had an orgy. Not really. However, I was highly pleased that the rape jokes were instigated by them and not me. So we went and got smashed on the beach, then went to a club that was bigger than Bristol International Airport. It would have been much more fun with some pills or something. I basically lost everyone, and caught the metro back at 5, alone. Awoken an hour later with shrieks of "Charlie's naked!"
Those girls returned back to Bilbao to resume their studies. I spent the following night in the room alone. Highly boring.

Throughout the week people came in and out of my life, these are some of the keepers:

Rafaella and I shared a room for a few days, shes a lovely girl from Milan, here doing a similar thing to me, apart from within a week she has a flat and a job. I went and visited her new flat, its very cool and all her Italian roommates are sound.

Per and Spiro are two Norweigian skaters, Spiro is sick. I'm trying to convince him to send me SBs when he starts riding for Nike. Right now he rides for wesc and gets free trips around the world to skate, and loads of free clothes, not a bad life for an 18 year old. Per is a photographer, with quite possibly the sickest camera in the world. They are both ridiculously generous, giving me breakfast and letting me tag along with them whilst they skated Macbas. Then we got fucked up.

Then there was Emily, this 25 year old, also from Illinois. At first I thought she was just loud and annoying, but after a while I realized she was pretty cool, and hot, which never hurts. I have never seen anyone get so excited over a webcam though. She was lovely.

Most of the people at the hostel are really nice and friendly, being super helpful with my flat search. They even play MF Doom in the common room. €3 for a litre of heiniken off the tap. I will be recommending this place to everyone. Free breakfast in the morning, but I've only ever got up early enough once...

So searching for a flat takes up most of my time, but today is only the third one I've seen. I have also checked most of the spots, going up to Montjuic and seeing a view of the whole city, La Rambla, the beach, Glories, Raval, Arc D'Truiomph, etc. I have been eating shit, every day. Its a good laugh.

Anyway my flat search continues...

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