Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weeks gone by...

So the major development is that I now live in a flat and not a hostel. Which is good for my wallet. I live in the area called Glories, which I'm sure means nothing to anyone reading this. Its a step-up from the actual ghetto of last year, that was Stratford, I miss the bloods. Not really. Glories is not actually that nice an area, but whatever it sounds quite nice.

I live with five others. Two Italian guys (Marco & Matteo), one French girl (Fanny), one Belgian girl (Odile) , and one Austrian girl (Sabrina). Everyone is nice and friendly. None of the girls walk around the house naked, as one would imagine continental woman to do. Four of them study and the other works. I am the sole layabout. We are all a similar age, and it is easy to talk to them all. Smoking hash seems to be the household sport, which is fine with me.

I pay €280 a month. Which is very cheap. The price however reflects the shitness of my bedroom, my bed is the most uncomfortable thing since paedophilia, and it squeaks more than that annoying character with the long neck in the muppets (probably also a paedophile). The mattress is about as thick as two crisps on top of each other. So I have bought three duvets to add to the mix. Still casual sex seems like a distant dream with the current bed situation, however I guess it has always seemed a distant dream. On the plus side we have a (small) balcony, (small) kitchen, and nice dining/living area. We also have a psychopath living below us, who apparently pulled a knife on someone who used to live in the flat. Nice.

So far I have avoided any mockery in the kitchen, but I am confident this will be shortlived. Everyone cooks proper food, but I eat salami sandwiches, occassionaly with cucumber. I am also averaging three hundred grams of Milka chocolate daily, seriously, I am. I can't find Marmite anywhere, bovril and quaker, but no fucking marmite.

My learning of the language is a work in progress. Language school seems like a waste of money to me though, so I probably won't bother with that. I'd rather use the money for two months rent. Sorry mum.

On a social front, I go out with my Italian flatmates some times, I have been to a couple of erasmus parties. One was in a facking gorgeous flat, proper nice old building with a glass elevator and sexy high ceilings, and lots of hot French people. The other one was just off La Rambla, and it was a sweat pit, where I spent the whole evening talking with two guys, drinking sangria, and subsequently feeling a bit gay afterwards.
I also have a few friends from staying at the hostel, who I'm going for a drink with in a couple of hours.

On the job front, there does seem to be a couple opportunities here and there. However I have lost my passport and until I sort that out I can't sort out my work papers. Nice one Charlie, you are a pro. Seriously Charlie, you should actually go proffessional, you are really that good.

To give you a full idea of my lifestyle, it is 6:26pm. I am still in my pyjamas. I had a list of things to do today and have done none of them, apart from this blog post. I have placed a ban on online poker during weekdays, in an attempt to stifle my inactivity. The fictional version will hit shelves in the next couple of days.

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